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Your bite splint has been customized to allow for maximal muscle relaxation while you sleep.  Relaxed muscles create an environment for healthier teeth, gums and jaw joints.  Additionally, the splint helps us to better understand your bite and the demands it puts on your teeth.  Most people will primarily wear the guard during sleeping hours though others may be instructed to wear the appliance when awake.  It is common to feel awkward the first week when placing the guard in your mouth.  You will soon accommodate to the feeling.  Upon removal of the splint after prolonged use, it is normal to feel as if your teeth do not fit together properly.  This sensation will pass typically within an hour.  If you have any discomfort at the region of your ears, please call our office immediately and discontinue use of the guard.  Otherwise, we want you to wear the splint each night until your next appointment.  At this second appointment, it is often necessary to make slight adjustments to the guard to compensate for the positive changes that have occurred in the tone of your muscles.  Subsequent visits are appointed as necessary and are determined by your particular needs.  Splint therapy is a wonderful way to protect your teeth and allow for you to experience a healthy bite.  Many people who have been successfully treated with a splint can ultimately have their teeth treated to create a more stable, healthy and esthetic bite.

To care for your splint:

  • brush it thoroughly after each use with water only, let it drip dry

  • you may choose to use a denture or retainer cleaning solution

  • bring it to all of your future dental appointments, we will clean it and evaluate it for adjustments

  • keep it out of the reach of any pets, you will be responsible for the full fee for its loss and any appropriate fees for its repair

  • to prevent loss of your occlusal guard, do not wrap it in tissue, always use the case that has been provided for your convenience

  • please bring your splint to all of your appointments

We are interested in your complete satisfaction so that you may enjoy the benefits of a healthier bite.  Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to help you otherwise.  We look forward to seeing you at your next visit.

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